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GemCare Wellness is a part of TEMEG Holdings Inc., a 24-year-old family owned group of companies focusing on healthcare products and services. The companies are a world class provider of Health Coaching, Disease Management, Chronic Care Management, Diabetes Care Management and Supply, Medication Therapy Management, Employee Assistance Programs, Corporate Wellness, Telehealth Solutions and Advanced Health Benefit Consultation.

Our Health Coaching Services are the foundation of the many ways we provide value to our customers. GemCare Wellness offers a personalized approach to health and wellness using only certified healthcare professionals which set us apart in the marketplace. We create programming to drive behavior and lifestyle changes that lead to lasting as well as significant improvements in the overall health of our participants and reduces their risk of acquiring chronic conditions in the future. As a result, our innovative programs bring meaningful, measurable and financially rewarding results to our clients.

GemCare Wellness utilizes the combined strength of the family of companies’ tremendous buying power, expertise, and resources in order to design strategic programs that drive bottom-line savings for clients.

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GemCare Wellness


The GemCare Wellness management team represents a broad spectrum of experience within the healthcare delivery system including clinical, pharmacological, medical supply, provider contracting, health maintenance, and benefit claims administration. GemCare Wellness clients benefit from our extensive and strategic programs that generate measurable health improvement outcomes and premium advantages.

James K. Piper
Vice President & General Manager

Douglas P. Kuzyk
Vice President, Business Development

Rob Pekare – RD, LD
Manager, Operations

Laura Mayer – MS, RD, LD
Department Supervisor and Health Coach

Stephanie Ineman – MS, RDN, LD
Department Supervisor and Health Coach

Cindy Carrell – RDN, LD
Department Supervisor and Health Coach

Rachel Laymon – RDN, LD
Department Supervisor and Health Coach

Meredith Gray – MS, RDN, LD
Department Supervisor and Health Coach

Amanda Huscroft – RDN, LD
Department Supervisor, Health Coach, and Clinical Data Analyst