Health Coaching

Our Health Coaches are Registered Dietitians


We offer engaging, experienced and expert advice through Medical Nutrition Therapy to drive behavior and lifestyle change!

GemCare Wellness offers telephonic and email-based health coaching. Our health coaches have the expertise and the experience to help motivate and sustain positive behavior and lifestyle change. They undergo an extensive training process and participate in ongoing quality assurance evaluations to ensure that our health coaching model is delivered in a systematic, consistent method to yield positive outcomes and measurable results.

  • Weight Management (Adult, Children, Bariatric)
  • Dietitians (General, Food Allergies, Diets, Behavioral)
  • Fitness / Exercise
  • Diabetes Educators
  • Cardiovascular Specialists
  • Autoimmune and Chronic Disease
  • Renal Specialists
  • Gastrointestinal Specialists
  • Lactation Specialists
  • Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialists

Fitness & Performance Based Coaching

For those that are actively engaged in their physical fitness but want to combine nutritional counseling, we do that too! Our team of Registered Dietitians becomes part of your team adding features such as nutritional counseling, meal planning and more.


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Our health coaches work with individuals to design a PERSONAL CARE PATH, including setting SMART GOALS, to meet the health needs and desires of each participant. All clients/members are unique and their path to success is impacted by the physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial state of their life. Our coaches are proficient at “meeting people where they are” and helping clients achieve their goals and maximum potential through an established foundation of trust.

Interested in having Registered Dietitians working with you?