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Get Reimbursed by Medicare for Chronic Care Management

GemCare Wellness offers a personalized approach to health and wellness using only certified healthcare professionals, which sets us apart in the marketplace. We engage people and guide them through pathways that will lead to significant and lasting, physical and emotional improvements that will lessen the risk of acquiring chronic conditions in the future. As a result, our innovative programs bring meaningful, measurable and financially rewarding results to our clients.

In 2015 CMS launched CPT Code 99490 which will pay physicians between $39 – $42 / month for non-face-to-face services for Chronic Care Management.

In response to this program, GemCare Wellness has launched a program to assist physicians in managing these patients to take advantage of this new billing code and provide better care to their chronically ill patients. Our platform offers high-touch interaction with your Medicare population and records the appropriate paperwork allowing you to bill for this service and communicate with your EHR system.

We become an extension of your practice.

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Sign up 1,000 patients and generate $504,000 annually

It is well documented that a “high touch patient guidance program” can yield a healthier patient. Unfortunately, it could take a physician / physician practice considerable investment in technology and staff to offer this type of program to their Medicare Population.

GemCare Wellness provides a turn-key operation allowing you to immediately launch this high-touch program. Our staff is an extension of your staff and our software documents all requirements needed for billing Medicare. Our program will yield more patient interactions between office visits, with little impact on your current staff. GemCare Wellness CCM program maximizes patient enrollment, increases patient compliance, and documents all CCM requirements

Medicare 99490 Program Details

    • 20 minutes / month of clinical staff time
    • Physicians may use individuals outside the practice “General Supervision” rather than “Direct supervision”
    • Medicare Patient Qualifications:
      • Two or more chronic conditions
      • Chronic conditions that place the patient at significant health risk
      • Comprehensive care plan established by Physician; implemented, revised and monitored
  • Must conduct an Annual Wellness Visit
      • Patient Consent Required
        • Informed of the availability of the CCM Service
        • Obtain written agreement
      • Record Keeping
        • Information available as an Electronic Health Record
        • Physician to create a “patient-centered” care plan
      • Care Plan
        • Problem list, Expected outcome etc.
        • Access to Care
      • Ensure 24/7 access to case management services

Easy and Affordable

High-touch interaction with your Medicare population

  • GemCare Wellness Program is overseen by a Registered Nurse – Trained in Triage
  • Monthly managed by Licensed Practical Nurses and/or Medical Assistants
  • Each Health Coach is Assigned to a Medicare Individual to establish a personal relationship
  • Review Physician Care Plan Monthly and document their progress in EHR

Let us guide you and your individuals.