July 15, 2019

Vacation Tips

Traveling can put a major ripple in your healthy groove. It can be a struggle to maintain healthy habits while you are traveling. However, it can be even harder to transition back to them when you return home. If you find yourself at a loss for how to continue healthy eating and exercise while traveling, you can find many ideas below to help you through times of travel.


  1. Locate the closest supermarket
  2. Plan out your meals and between-meal snacks


  • Pack a lunch box or cooler with nutritious snacks such as fruit, veggies, peanut butter, hummus, cheese sticks, and low-sodium deli meat (Tip: Prep snacks ahead of time. For example, pull grapes off the vine for making kabobs you can eat one-handed.)
  • Look for more nutritious foods at gas stations such as yogurt, unsalted nuts, fresh fruit, trail mix, energy bars, low-sodium soup cups, 100% fruit or vegetable juice, and low-fat milk.
  • Choose healthier options if you stop for fast-food. Order a small size instead of the large, choose grilled instead of fried, pick a salad or fruit instead of fries, and order water or unsweetened tea instead of soda.
  • Investigate airport restaurant menus ahead of time to find out whether they have suitable, nutritious offerings. In many airports, you may be able to find a grilled chicken sandwich, lean meat or bean burritos, smoothies made with low-fat dairy, fruit, green salads with low-fat toppings, or veggie and lean meat entrĂ©es at Chinese restaurants.


  • Do your best to keep portion sizes in check and remember that half your plate should consist of fruits and veggies at each meal.
  • Purchase groceries and/or cook meals
  • Order smaller portions if possible, or share a meal when at restaurants
  • Drink water instead of soda
  • Choose grilled, baked or broiled foods instead of fried


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