September 21, 2020

RD Spotlight – Brittney Pingel, MS, RD, LD

Our Registered Dietitian/Health Coach spotlight this month features Brittney Pingel, MS, RD, LD. As a Registered Dietitian, Brittney loves what she does! She enjoys helping members reach their goals by helping them implement healthy habits into their daily lives.

What do you love about being a GemCare Wellness dietitian?

Everything!  It is truly an honor to work with a wide variety of individuals with various health-related goals. I love being able to educate and encourage people toward better health on a daily basis, and to be able to do it in an individualized way while I am also learning and improving my coaching skills. I feel that I learn and grow as a Registered Dietitian every single day.  Having the opportunity to influence someone’s quality of life through wellness-related changes is incredibly rewarding, and I am constantly inspired by the people I work with on a regular basis – we have a fantastic team of dietitians!

How has coaching impacted your life?

While we are striving to help our members, oftentimes, they end up positively affecting us in return. Coaching has impacted my life significantly because I am truly excited to work every day, and the relationships we form with our members are rewarding professionally but also personally.

What is a memorable member success story?

It’s difficult to choose, but a woman who told me she initially didn’t want to hold our appointments and was frustrated that she had to talk to a dietitian ended up choosing to hold appointments weekly. She dramatically changed her relationship with food and with her body, lost weight, improved other clinical indicators of her health, and also gained much joy and quality of life throughout the process. During our last appointment together, we were both emotional!

What is your favorite nutrition fact?

In my opinion, there is such power in exercising mindfulness with our eating habits.  When deciding what to eat for any particular meal, it can be helpful to think, “What foods help me to feel my best?”, or “How do I want to feel after eating?” as a way to stop, pause & make an intentional choice.

What do you like to do for fun?

Family & friends are what my personal life is all about!  I also really enjoy vinyasa yoga, cycling, running with my Weimaraner, reading, hosting “game nights” and baking.