NutraVantage FAQs


What is NutraVantage

NutraVantage is a health coaching program, led by Registered Dietitians. NutraVantage is designed to help individuals better manage their health and is the key to healthy weight loss. You will work directly with a Registered Dietitian who will educate you on nutrition, exercise, and healthy habits. Most of your communication is completed through email and your personal online portal. You will also communicate via phone and depending upon which plan you select determines how often you get a call.


No matter where you are at in the process, NutraVantage will help you lose weight, reduce your risk of developing disease like diabetes and cardiovascular disease but most importantly help you take control of your health!

How much is NutraVantage per month?

There is no monthly or yearly reoccurring fee for NutraVantage. It is pay as you go and is plan based with two current options. View plan options

What makes NutraVantage different from other programs?

Most diet plans are followed for only a short period of time. If your goal is to lose the weight and keep it off, then you need to make small, daily, lifestyle changes. That’s why NutraVantage is different! NutraVatage is NOT a diet! It is a program designed to change the way you think about nutritiion and provide methods and motivation to help you create daily healthy habits that will transform your life.

Will NutraVantage provide me with a meal or exercise plan?

No individual is the same or at the same point in their weight-loss journey. Therefore, we evaluate each individual’s needs differently. Your Registered Dietitian will have a better understanding after your first phone call.

Do I need specific apps/devices with NutraVantage

No. You can use any app/device you’re comfortable with for tracking your fitness and meals. Each time you talk to your Registered Dietitian, you will review this data, determine any changes that need to be made, track your progress, and celebrate the result.