First Recipient of Susan Raber-Satterfield Award

GemCare Wellness Announces First Recipient of Susan Raber-Satterfield Award

Kerry Fairchild announced as winner of first Coach of the Year Award

Release Date: 2/12/18

Hudson, Ohio: GemCare Wellness, a national health coaching and disease management company, awarded Kerry Fairchild the first Susan Raber-Satterfield Coach of the Year award. The award was named after the late Susan Raber-Satterfield who played a key role in the development and growth of the company and its current health coaching program.

Raber-Satterfield was the first hire for GemCare Wellness. She began her career there as an Engagement Services Manager in August 2012 and was promoted to Director of Operations in June 2015. She worked overtime to develop the operations manual, initiate the company procedures and assist in the design of the website.

“Susan joined GemCare Wellness when all we had was a name, logo, and a vision,” said Ed Edwards, Owner of GemCare Wellness. “This is truly an award for excellence. It is important because her personality, her commitment to participants, her goals, and her personal traits represented what our Family of Companies is about.”

The award will be given annually to the health coach that represents the skills most like Susan’s. It will review the level and quality of interaction with program members, the number of members that have succeeded at achieving their health and lifestyle goals, and the ability to motivate individuals to make lasting, lifestyle changes.

This year, that health coach was Kerry Fairchild. Fairchild received her degree in Dietetics from Bowling Green State University with a specialization in pediatrics and is an International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant.  She joined GemCare Wellness in February 2016 and has coached over 600 program members.

“We were pleased to announce Kerry as the first recipient of the Susan Raber-Satterfield, Coach of the Year Award.” Jim Piper, General Manager of GemCare Wellness said. “Susan developed the GemCare Wellness Health Coaching model and Kerry truly emulated Susan’s high standards and stood out amongst a group of over 80 Registered Dietitians in guiding the thousands of lives that we council on their nutrition.”

“It is such an honor to have received this award. Susan was a person that I admired both professionally and personally. Her boundless energy, enthusiasm and compassion as a coach and a manager are something that I strive to emulate every day as a wellness coach,” says Fairchild of the award. “To be recognized with the Susan Raber-Satterfield Award has truly been one of the greatest achievements of my career and I cannot thank the Edwards’ family and GemCare Wellness enough for that recognition.”

The health coaching program consists of Registered Dietitians who work closely with high risk individuals to establish a care plan to manage issues like weight, prediabetes, diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol and more. GemCare Wellness’ health coaches identify key obstacles and motivators to assist members in achieving lasting lifestyle habits that make an impact on their overall health.

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