February 1, 2019

Boost Your Fiber Intake

Did you know that fiber can help with weight loss by filling you up and keeping you satisfied longer? It also decreases your risk of developing heart disease, diabetes, and some forms of cancer. But sadly, Americans rarely consume enough. Check out these tips on ways to include more fiber in your diet:

  • Switch to a whole grain cold cereal at breakfast (if you prefer hot cereal, try oatmeal)
  • Choose whole grain breads, pastas and cereals in place of more refined/processed choices
  • Add a side salad with lunch or dinner
  • Add a piece of fruit for a mid-morning or a late afternoon snack
  • Try a fruit or vegetable smoothie at home (two servings of fruit (fresh or frozen), two servings of leafy greens, almond milk to consistency, a few ice cubes, and blend)
  • Double up on your veggies at dinner
  • Add fruit or beands to your dark leafy green salads
  • Add raw fruits or veggies to your sandwiches or wraps
  • Add chia seed or flax seed into your oatmeal or smoothies
  • Snack on raw fruits and veggies as often as you can

Things to remember:

Men should aim for at least 38g per day, while women should aim for at least 25g per day. Increase your fiber intake slowly and drink plenty of water to avoid constipation or nausea.