We Meet People Where They Are

Each client will follow a unique path to success

GemCare is taking a revolutionary new approach to wellness by utilizing a unique personalized strategy.

Health Coaching and
Personal Care Path

GemCare Wellness employs a diverse group of Health Care Professionals including a Medical Director, Registered Dietitians, Certified Diabetes Educators, Pharmacists, Registered Nurses and Licensed Practical Nurses.

All clients are unique and their path to success is impacted by the physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial state of their life. Our coaches are proficient at “meeting people where they are” and, through an established foundation of trust, help clients achieve their goals and maximum potential.

Our personalized approach to health coaching first focuses on establishing and building trust with each individual client. From that point, a vision is created that reveals each client’s highest potential and a pathway to success is formed through mutually agreed upon goals.

Whether in a Corporate Wellness setting or a Disease Management setting, GemCare Wellness offers the personalized health coaching resources that can change a person’s life forever.

Diabetes Supply & Care and
Diabetes Care Path

Best suited to serve your needs.

GemCare Wellness and our sister company, Edwards Health Care Services, represent one of the largest diabetes suppliers in the country. We have proven that a successful diabetes compliance program must include continuous communication with each patient from the moment a supply order is filled and continue during the monitoring and reordering process.

Our Diabetes Care Path:

  • Provides the highest level of patient engagement and compliance
  • Offers the most affordable pricing for diabetes supplies
  • Serves as a critical link between our patients and their medical providers – closing any gaps in care
  • Utilizes a personalized approach to diabetes management, positioning us as a leader in the next generation of diabetes supply and care

  • Our Diabetes Care Path and team of diabetes specialists including Registered Dietitians, Certified Diabetes Educators, and Registered Nurses follows each patient along the continuum of care to provide education, support, and tools to help our patients to better manage their condition, prevent complications, and maintain optimum health.

    Disease Management

    GemCare Wellness can reverse diseases.

    GemCare Wellness has proven itself extremely effective in working with patients with reversible disease states. Our health coaches produce positive results by reversing, or even eliminating, health issues such as:

    • Hypertension
    • Cholesterol
    • Diabetes
    • Weight Management
    • Tobacco Use
    • Heart Disease

    GemCare Wellness can be utilized as an integral piece in the overall success of disease management. It is a population health strategy as well as an approach to personal health that requires knowledge sharing and knowledge building.

    Learn More About Our Diabetes Prevention Program

    Medication Therapy Management (MTM)

    According to Public Health Reports, 75% of Americans have trouble taking their medicine as directed. This lack of adherence causes approximately 125,000 deaths in the United States with an estimated total cost of 100-300 billion dollars every year. Research shows that Medication Therapy Management (MTM) improves medication adherence resulting in less deaths and immense cost savings.

    GemCare Wellness has long recognized the significance and need to bring MTM to the forefront of a patient’s care path. MTM is a medical service provided by pharmacists whose aim is to optimize medication therapy and therapeutic outcomes for patients to improve the overall quality of life.

    GEM Edwards Pharmacists use a systematic process to collect patient specific information and create a comprehensive medication list. Next they evaluate the medication therapies to identify complications. Finally, they create a prioritized list of medication-related issues as well as a medication action plan (MAP) to resolve the issues.

    Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)

    An EAP program rounds out your employee offering.

    GemCare Wellness recognizes that health, job performance, and overall well-being can be significantly affected by each individual’s unique personal issues. EAP programs offer a set number of face-to-face counseling sessions with licensed specialists that serve as a confidential source to help guide a person and advise on how to manage life’s hurdles. These issues include:

    • Occupational Stress
    • Emotional Distress
    • Health Care Concerns
    • Financial
    • Major Life Events
    • Family / Personal Relationship Issues
    • Substance Abuse
    • Work Relationship Issues
    • Aging Parental Responsibilities

    GemCare Wellness is able to provide access to EAP services through a selection of partners to deliver this confidential, affordable, and effective benefit that can represent a key difference in many lives. GemCare considers EAP services a critical resource as part of a complete health coaching program.

    Fitness and Performance Based Nutrition Coaching

    25 years of experience helping the determined reach their personal health and wellness goals!

    Our program, Key Performance, is a proven health and wellness program with measurable results.  Our Registered Dietitians offer a personalized approach to meet your health and wellness needs by providing you with lasting, lifestyle changes that will significantly improve your overall health and help you achieve your desired results.

    Through regular calls, emails, and online account resources, our Dietitians will provide nutritional advice, meal planning ideas, tips and tricks, exercise advice, and most importantly, RESULTS!


    Advanced Health Benefits Consultation

    Over 100 years experience in the healthcare industry

    The GemCare Wellness management team holds more than 100 years of experience within the healthcare delivery system including clinical, pharmacological, medical supply, provider contracting, health maintenance, and benefit claims administration.

    Linking available cost efficient applications that will lead to effective savings can too often be construed as being too complicated or requiring too much work to implement. GemCare clients benefit from our expertise and experience in implementing practical applications and programs that generate measurable health improvement outcomes as well as premium advantages from insurance carriers.


    The application of TeleHealth technology allows for real-time patient monitoring in order to improve or maintain an individual’s health status at the convenience of both the patient and the healthcare professional.

    GemCare Wellness can design and implement a full Telehealth program for disease states such as Congestive Heart Failure, Diabetes Management or any other chronic disease requiring daily or monthly monitoring. Through the use of electronic information and telecommunications technologies, GemCare Wellness can meet your specific needs by utilizing at home devices with cloud-based technology, allowing patients to be monitored for any specific condition or concern. Patients are then monitored and/or contacted by our certified Healthcare Professionals for counseling or referral to a physician.

    Our real-time communication will help to maintain as well as improve the contact between the patient and the medical system by filling the gaps in care and providing an efficient means for both the patient and healthcare provider to monitor the health of patients. The Telehealth program we provide can drive cost-efficiency and enable medical personnel to better manage the growing population of patients living with chronic conditions.

    Corporate Wellness

    GemCare Wellness offers a variety of wellness services to help organizations and individuals develop and maintain healthy lifestyles.

    Wellness Program Planning

    GemCare Wellness provides complete wellness program coordination. This includes management and staff training, wellness committee support, in-person planning sessions, customer service support for participants, incentive program administration, and overall program design.

    Health Risk Assessment

    The GemCare Wellness HRA is a carefully crafted set of questions that provides a view of an individual’s health status and risks. The HRA takes less than ten minutes to complete and is HIPAA and GINA compliant.

    Biometric Screening Organization & Management

    GemCare Wellness will organize comprehensive biometric screenings conducted by experienced health professionals that can take place in the employer workplace. We handle all aspects including online scheduling as well as communication and coordination needs.

    Strategic Services

    GemCare Wellness offers new and advanced preventive tests, screenings and online tools to provide further insight into the health status of an organization.

    Aggregate Reporting

    GemCare Wellness provides a comprehensive, aggregate report outlining the specific areas an employer can concentrate their wellness planning and programming.

    Customized Web Portal

    The GemCare Wellness web portal is customized for each corporate client, serving as a center for resources such as health tips, private individual biometric data, and a scheduling tool.